Past PMA Webinars

Welcome to The Pacific Math Alliance

This is the first in a series of webinars organized by the PMA. Learn a bit about the PMA's history and mission.

REU Panel

This webinar features 6 undergraduates who speak about their experiences in REUs, both virtual and in-person. Slides for the REU Panel are linked below.

Demystifying the Graduate Application Process

The PMA welcomes representatives from Washington State University, UC Irvine, and UC Riverside, as they lift the veil on the graduate application process. In this webinar, we discuss the basic components of an application for a graduate program and get tips on how to make an application stand out!

Graduate Students Demystify Graduate School

Graduate students with ties to the Pacific area share their insights on life as a graduate school. How did you choose what graduate program to apply to? What did you do as an undergraudate that helped prepare you for graduate school? What is the key to success in graduate school? These are all questions that our graduate panel addressed in this PMA webinar.

Machine Learning: A Gentle Introduction to Data Science

Dr. Roummel Marcia from UC Merced shares a talk about his journey as a mathematician and the fundamentals of data science.

Pacific Math Alliance Career Panel

The final PMA webinar for Fall 2020, was a career panel with representatives from industry and academia. Learn more about them and the advice they gave to young mathematicians during this panel. Our panelist are happy to talk more with you should you have additional questions. Their contact information is in the Follow-Up flyer below. The Flyer includes information about the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Scholar Program mensioned by one of our panalists.