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2015/2016 PUMP* URG



The CSU Alliance for Preparing Undergraduates through Mentoring towards PhDs

(PUMP) invites Mathematics Faculty from the CSUCI, CSUN, CSULA, CSULB, CSUB,

CSUSM, CSUDH, CSUFullerton, CSUFresno, CSUSB, CPP, and CPSLO campuses to submit

proposals for the Undergraduate Research Groups. Each group should be composed by

one faculty member and two mathematics majors that have passed lower-division courses

required as part of the major.

The project will pay $5,000 for the faculty advisor that can be used for reassigned time

or additional pay. Each student will receive $3,000 stipend (paid in two instalments) for

completion of the project (applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents).

How to apply?

Email with Undergraduate Research Groups in the “subject” line the

application package containing the following materials (please use a pdf merger, for

instance, to make only one package):

  1. A completed application form.

  2. Narrative describing the research to be accomplished: No more than four pages. 

  3. Advisor's CV: Two pages. 

  4. Each participating student: A copy of unofficial transcript and one-page description of your academic interests, career goals, and how this proposed activity would impact your career goals.

DEADLINE: JUNE 20, 2015.

*PUMP: PREPARING UNDERGRADUATES through MENTORING towards PhDs is designed to help students interested in Mathematics to pursue a successful career in this field. It is supported by the National Science Foundation.