Your student has asked you to submit a letter of reference for the PUMP program. Please type up a letter and submit it as either a pdf file or a word document using the link below. Please include both the student's name and your name in the file name, as in "Letter for Jane Doe from Professor Smith.pdf" so that we don't end up with lots of files called "letter.pdf" that we have to sort through. In your letter, please address all of the following.
    • duration and nature of acquaintance with student
    • assessment of student's mathematical talent and/or potential (how demonstrated?)
    • assessment of student's current mathematical background vis-à-vis the ideal background for the PUMP Summer Program
    • assessment of student’s ability to adapt to challenges, to work with others of different cultures and backgrounds, and to work cooperatively
    • any extra information the recommender believes is pertinent​

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