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Chapters are composed of faculty advisors and students seeking guidance and empowerment towards a degree in mathematics/mathematical sciences. Regional chapters help the PMA by working with students and faculty locally and in recruiting/outreach.

  • consist of multiple CC/JC, colleges, and universities that are near each other. Chapters should grow organically and, if possible, should incorporate local institutions at all levels: CC/JC, CSU/4-year, PhD. Connections with community colleges are an important part of the chapters.

  • hold activities are determined by each chapter but are to be consistent with the mission of the PMA. Such activities include but are not limited to: research talks, recruitment activities, informative talks on academic careers in mathematics, and other social and academic functions.

  • report activities, plans, membership, changes, etc. at the PMA annual October conference.

  • write their own charge, which will be up to chapter members to be designed.