There are three ways to be a member of the PMA; you can be a math student or faculty at a California institution or be a part of a regional chapter.

Regional Chapters are groups of institutions/departments that are (geographically) near each other and that work together towards goals that are consistent with the mission of the PMA. In order to create a chapter, at least one faculty PMA member per institution is needed.

Faculty can nominate themselves and/or students to be members of the PMA.

Students should be nominated by a faculty member at their institution who is a PMA member. In the case no faculty member at the student's institution is a PMA member, self-nominations will be accepted.

The Applications and Nominations link (to will go here. Meanwhile, if you want to be a member of the PMA, please e-mail any of the members of the director's board.

Follow the links below to see student, faculty and chapter membership.