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The PMA is currently organized as a director's board and three committees.

The Directors' Board will take care of
  • Coordinate committee efforts and plan ahead.
  • Communication with members, chapters, and committees about upcoming activities/programs/events.
  • Keeping track of membership and getting students in contact with mentors.
  • Liaisons with the Math Alliance and professional societies (AMS, MAA, AWM, SIAM, ASA, AMATYC, etc).
Since we want all types of institutions to be represented, and we want representation from throughout CA, the board consists of (as of now, and in alphabetical order):
  • Dana Clahane. Fullerton College.
  • Maribel Bueno Cachadina. University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Roummel Marcia. University of California, Merced.
  • Helena Noronha. California State University, Northridge.
  • Jordan Schettler. San José State University.

The current committees are (follow the links for more details):
The committees are currently working on their charges. If you want to join any of these committees please contact any of the board members listed below. We would be happy having you join us in the committees.