California State University, Northridge. May 4th, 2019


Research experiences for STEM majors at an early stage of their training have proven to be “high impact” - these experiences are crucial for ensuring that students are able to maximize their potential for a successful STEM career. It is therefore important that as many community college students as possible be made aware of mathematics research opportunities, since community colleges constitute the largest post-secondary education segment in the United States.

California State University, Northridge (CSUN) in partnership with LA Pierce, LA Mission and Fullerton Colleges have created a venue for community colleges students engaged in mathematical research to present their projects and, as a result, to excite more students about careers in the mathematical sciences, whether in academia or in the private sector.

In this year’s conference, in addition to increasing and broadening student and faculty participation, the conference wants to present the recently created Pacific Math Alliance and promote a discussion among participating faculty and students on how community can participate and have a significant role on this alliance. In particular, topics like how to better utilize the existing resources and how to find time and funds for research and mentoring programs will be addressed.

The morning session will include the following 30-minute talks (click here for their titles and abstracts)
  • Dr. Kiri Wagstaff - Researcher in artificial intelligence and machine learning at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • Dr. Alexandre Cunha - Director, Center for Advanced Methods in Biological Image Analysis, Computational Scientist, Center for Data-Driven Discovery, Cal Tech.

  • Dr. Karthik Ramasamy - Machine Learning Engineer, Google

a panel with Math-Degree professionals on future career options, and the Pacific Math Alliance presentation. Please see the tentative schedule below.

We welcome students and faculty that have little or no research experience. Perhaps you'll find a project to begin thinking about, as a result of being at this conference! If you are a faculty member already doing research with students or are thinking about doing so, we invite you and your students to present at this conference! Joint student/student and student/faculty talks are also welcome and encouraged.

Students participating in the RE-C^2 will present their project in the afternoon. All other afternoon talks on mathematics research topics will be by community college students or teams that include them.

The conference is COMPLETELY FREE and includes free lunch and free snacks for all participants. We hope that many faculty AND community college students, will come and consider giving a talk at the conference, even without any previous experience doing so.

Click here to register. The registration deadline is Monday, April 29th, 2019.


MREC^3: Math Research Experiences in

Community Colleges Conference

Saturday May 4th


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9:20-9:30 am



Talks: Dr. Kiri Wagstaff, Dr. Alexandre Cunha, Dr. Karthik Ramasamy

11:00-11:15 am

Morning Break 


A Panel with Math-Degree Professionals on Future Career Options




The Pacific Math Alliance - an on-going RE-C^2 for all


Concurrent Sessions:

  1. Student presentations – Level I: These talks will be on (partial) research results obtained by students or student-faculty teams whose work is funded by institutional or extramural grants.

  2. Student presentations – Level II: These talks will be   given by students who are starting a research project.  Students will be expected to present an open research problem, defining and exemplifying the concepts, and stating the problem.  Partial results are not required in order to give a talk in this session.

  3. Faculty presentations: These talks should be accessible to students who are current community college students.